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Josh Vis

Josh Vis

Josh has spent his whole life learning and teaching. His formal education is in Christian religion, with an emphasis on biblical interpretation. After finishing his PhD in Old Testament in 2012, Josh’s curiosity expanded far beyond Christianity and the Bible. Josh continues to be acutely interested in the concept and possible reality of God. For Josh, the question of God insists on being asked and explored. It refuses to let him be, so he has stopped trying to be free of it. But now the possibilities are wide open, which has given Josh great hope and energy. Josh’s current interests Include, but are not limited to: consciousness, neuroscience, behavioral psychology, psychoanalytic theory, “death of God” philosophy, existentialism, spiritual development, mind-body connection, psychedelic research, and gender and sexuality.

Josh works as peace activist and thought leader. His focus is on educating people on the injustice of the Israeli occupation of the Palestinian territories and Palestinian people. And this injustice is reminiscent with so many injustices in the U.S. and throughout the world. He brings groups on tours of Israel/Palestine. These tours show people the brutal realities of the Israeli occupation. The tours also teach folks about the difficulties of understanding the history of ancient Israel and the life of Jesus as illumined by history, archaeology, and the Bible. He also leads online courses on the questions of God, the good life, and spirituality. Josh recently finished a documentary, entitled “The Law and the Prophets,” detailing the mechanisms of oppression utilized by Israel to oppress and silence Palestinians.

Josh lives in Holland, MI with his wife, Nicoly, two daughters, Mahalia and Luciana, and dog, George.

Marlin Vis

Throughout his life, Marlin has had many roles. He has been a son, a brother, a husband, a father, a grandfather, a student, a teacher, a coach, a salesman, a pastor, a campus minister, a mission co-worker in Israel/Palestine, a care pastor. But in all and about all, he is simply a human being. His faith tradition has been and will most likely continue to be Christianity.

Marlin’s quest for being human involves an openness to truth from many sources. He longs to be in community with a group of people who believe that truth, while illusive, is a necessary endeavor, the endeavor of a lifetime. Truth is best sought in community with others who share a desire to grow and evolve.

Marlin is curious by nature. He has many questions and many doubts. He wants others to help him to become better person, and he wants to be affirmed in this process. He desires to be guided by a variety of people who have expertise in a variety of areas: philosophy, psychology, archeology, theology, astronomy, and all the other “ologies” that both inform and inspire us.

Most importantly, Marlin is a learner, a teacher, and a storyteller. He is confident that anyone reading this and feeling some pull toward what we are trying to develop here, is both learner and teacher as well. Join us and we’ll learn together from an abundance of guides. Transformation is not only possible, it is essential.

Marlin lives in Holland, MI, with his wife, Sally.

Marlin Vis