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Still Processing is an experiment in community. People need community. Life is precious and wonderful; confusing and painful. Change and evolution are critical. Death and new life are connected. Joy, hope, and love are everything. A better world is possible. This community will try to imagine and enact a better world.

Still Processing does not operate from any single faith tradition, philosophical tradition, or political identity. All sources of knowledge, curiosity, and goodness are needed in the quest for a better world. We welcome curious and kind atheists, theists, and agnostics. We welcome and affirm people of any sexual identity, gender identity, and racial identity. We know that people from marginalized groups have so much to teach us about joy, love, acceptance, resolve, and resilience. We need you.

Still Processing is, and will always be, improvisational. We will never be static. We believe in truth, but we acknowledge that truth will always be beyond our grasp. We aim to attune our desires to the whisper of goodness inside each of us, and perhaps, to the whisper of goodness that calls to each of us. We do this with humility and courage.

Our goal is to live between truth and meaninglessness. We recognize that possessing truth makes us dangerous to others. Thus our truths will always be provisional and tested in practice. We resist meaninglessness, not because it is easy, but because it, too, is dangerous.

We hope against hope. We love for the sake of love. We strive to maintain a worthy struggle, a struggle rooted in honesty, decency, integrity, hospitality, and service to others. We believe that the maintenance of this struggle is a kind of victory to be proud of.

We reject all forms of hierarchy, dominance, prejudice, hate, cruelty, and violence. We reject patriarchy, misogyny, racism, xenophobia, homophobia, transphobia, nationalism, and religious supremacy of any kind.

We welcome you to the process.

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